Project Description

University Orchard

The Orchard of Salisbury is a mixed-use project in Salisbury, Maryland. A traffic impact study (TIS), and traffic signal warrant analysis was completed for the originally proposed project, which was assumed as 468 townhouses and condos, 18,000 SF of medical-dental office space, and 6,000 SF of commercial space. The traffic impact study analyzed six existing intersections, including five along South Division Street. Two of the intersections will be improved to serve as site access points. Existing conditions, future ten year no-build conditions, future ten year build conditions, future twenty year no-build conditions, and future twenty year build conditions were analyzed for the intersections in the study area.

Subsequently, the project was revised to consist of 415 total dwellings and 22,000 SF of commercial and office space. The non-residential component is proposed for approximately 11,000 SF of commercial space and 11,000 SF of medical-dental office space.

Salisbury, Maryland

Private Owner

Services Provided:
Engineering, Planning, Surveying

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