Project Description

Solomons Boat Ramp

Davis, Bowen & Friedel, Inc. (DBF), was responsible for the topographic and bathymetric surveys, permits, construction plans, specifications, detailed construction cost estimates, and bidding assistance services for the completely renovated, 4 lane boat ramp and kayak launch facility.

In 1986, DBF assisted the Maryland Department of General Services with the initial development of the property into a boat ramp facility at the base of the Gov. Thomas Johnson Bridge near Solomons in Calvert County, Maryland. In 2016, the Calvert County decided it was time to replace the aging facility and upgrade it with handicap accessibility and kayak launch capabilities.

DBF was selected to complete the renovation plans. The fixed timber piers, timber wingwalls and concrete slab were removed. The renovated facility includes a vinyl sheeting wingwall & jetty, concrete boarding piers extending to the floating aluminum boarding piers, a v-grooved concrete ramp slab with a concrete apron connecting to the existing parking facility. In addition, a small section of the existing timber bulkhead was replaced with a vinyl sheeting bulkhead and an aluminum gangway extending to the floating aluminum kayak launch was provided as well. Lastly, new lighting and a concrete walkway from the parking area to the kayak launch was installed.

The renovated conditions also provided for an extension of the jetty walls to provide additional protection for the boaters when staging from wind and wave action. In addition, DBF provided construction administration services, including general site visits during construction, attendance at progress meetings, clarification of contract documents, shop drawing and submittal review, change order assistance and a substantial completion/punch list visit.

This project demonstrates DBF’s longstanding relationships with state and local agencies, experience in coordination of coastal engineering projects and a public entity project that includes a multi-lane boat ramp, bulkhead, wingwalls, jetty, boarding piers, and a kayak launch.

Calvert County, Maryland

Calvert County General Services Division

Services Provided:
Engineering, Planning, Surveying

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