Project Description

Rehoboth Beach Parking Department

Comprised of approximately 3,500 square feet, the Rehoboth Beach Parking Department building serves as a compliment to the new City Hall and Convention Center; all facilities comprising a campus-style master plan for city services. The Parking Department building is actually two entities in one with a flex office facility under the same roof, but utilizing a separate entrance.

The site for the building is uniquely situated with its southerly property line bordering with that of the new City Hall, and its northerly boundary aligning with a semi-residential street. Its transitional location dictated the location of the entities within, as well as the scale and materials of the building. The semi-residential street has become more commercial over the years with businesses occupying former residences, thus the flex office component of the project is accessed from this street, and the single-story neighbors are mimicked in the façade. The Parking Department component of the building relates more directly with the new City Hall complex.

The former building was located on the same site but was too small and structurally inappropriate given the money exchanged and transferred through the building as part of the resort’s parking enforcement program. A redeeming component of the building, however, was a large covered patio that allowed visitors to congregate outside in inclement weather. This idea carried over to the new design by virtue of a large roof overhang supported by angled nautical-style steel columns: a smaller version of a similar overhang at City Hall. This feature, among others, including the buildings’ materials, tie them together and to the City Hall Complex as a whole.

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

City of Rehoboth Beach

Services Provided:
ArchitectureEngineering, Surveying

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