Project Description

Milford Independence Commons Business Park

Davis, Bowen & Friedel, Inc. (DBF), was retained to assist in the design of the 118-acre Milford Independence Commons Business Park. The first phase was comprised of the road design to provide utilities and access for the land which had been newly subdivided for Delaware Veterans Home, the Boys and Girls Club of America, and the Delaware Hospice. This phase included design of approximately 2,400 feet of roadway. There was approximately 1,900 feet of sewer and water design.

Stormwater management ponds were designed to handle both the current demand and the future build out of the entire site. Phase II included design of the utilities and access for an additional 18 lots sized from one to three acres. There was approximately 1,300 feet of water and sewer design, and 2,150 feet of new roadway. This also included the design of the final stormwater pond which was again designed to handle the final build out of the park.

In conjunction with the design of the business park, DBF also designed the Tony Silicato Memorial Park. This consisted of six youth soccer fields, and four different age groups, one adult multi-purpose field; a half-mile walking track around the complex; and a layout for a future playground with an associated parking area. The design included the stormwater conveyance system to drain the previously mentioned stormwater ponds. It also included the waterline design for the irrigation system.

Part of this project also included the Can-Do Playground. Originally developed in partnership with six rotary clubs in Northern Delaware and the Delaware State Parks, the concept of a playground designed exclusively for children with developmental, sensory or physical disabilities was brought to reality in 2007. Proving to be overwhelmingly popular, this playground concept was expanded into central and lower Delaware in 2010.

Our firm provided the City of Milford with topographic survey, utility service planning, construction document preparation, and construction stakeout services for this half-acre playground project within the city. This playground would become the second in the State of Delaware to be 100% accessible by children with any type of disability.

The distinct design for Milford’s boundless playground expanded upon the existing playground equipment which was on-site.

Milford, Delaware

City of Milford

Services Provided:
Architecture, Engineering, Planning, Surveying

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