Project Description

Fountains Wedding & Conference Center

Serving as the anchor to the larger business complex, The Fountains is a premier wedding and conference center like no other in Salisbury, Maryland. It includes conference rooms with 100-seat capacity and a grand ballroom capable of accommodating 450 occupants. The building contains 22,000 SF of multi-purpose floor space, which includes a 75-seat restaurant and cabana bar, 6,000 SF banquet area. 2,500 SF kitchen, restrooms, dressing rooms for weddings, offices, conference rooms and an exterior patio meeting area.

The banquet facility naturally wanted highway frontage exposure, but also wanted their guests to feel isolated from the distractions of the outside world when enjoying the hall. The building was specifically positioned so that the primary views from the banquet hall were not directly toward the highway; additional measures were introduced by creating a natural-looking landscape berm as a backdrop to those views – with a pond and name-sake fountains in the foreground.

Davis, Bowen & Friedel provided architecture, engineering, and surveying services for this project. The planning and design of the site included streets, water, sewer, stormwater management, lighting, landscaping, and amenities. Consulting services included surveying, comprehensive development plans, review of and compliance with zoning regulations, stormwater regulations, state highway corridor restrictions, city and county interfacing of water, sewer, and stormwater management.

Salisbury, Maryland

Davis Fountains, LLC

Services Provided:
Architecture, Engineering, Planning, Surveying

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