Project Description

Bayside Road Bridge

Davis, Bowen & Friedel, Inc. (DBF), provided structural engineering and surveying services on behalf of the Commissioners of Worcester County, Maryland, and the Department of Public Works Roads Division for the replacement of Bayside Road Bridge in Public Landing, Maryland.  The existing timber stringer bridge was considered structurally deficient to carry Maryland legal truck loads. The bridge is approximately 200 feet long.

The bridge type selected for the replacement was a laminated timber structure with crash-tested timber vehicular railings. Residents of the community were interested and engaged in the type of bridge to be selected and were generally in favor of a timber bridge for this rural setting.

The piling selected for this project were concrete-filled steel pipe piles with a coal tar epoxy coating. The spacing between pile bents was increased from 14 ft to 18 ft for the economy. This pile was selected for durability, longevity, and structural capacity.

A protective fiberglass outer jacket was also specified for the exposed portion of the pile for added protection against corrosion, impact, and ice damage. The abutments were designed incorporating the same performance criteria utilizing reinforced concrete, concrete-filled steel pipe piles, and coated steel sheet piling. Prior to construction Worcester County worked with the electric power company to have the overhead electric power lines buried under the channel to allow the bridge construction free of that overhead impedance.

Our team submitted applications and sought approval for all required environmental and other jurisdictional agencies including; the Maryland Department of the Environment, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Coast Guard, Maryland Department of Natural Resources, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, Worcester County Department of Environmental Programs, Maryland Historic Trust, Critical Area Commission, and the Worcester County Soil Conservation District.

Worcester County, Maryland

Worcester County Department of Public Works

Services Provided:
Engineering, Surveying

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